Monday, January 25, 2016

transitory & junkie



Katy Faust: [self-evident; ratify; transitory;] Good, thank you so much for the question. I think this is really important. First of all, I make the basis of the claim that they have a right to the mother and father, because it's one of the most self-evident rights out there. Probably only trumped by a parent's right to the child that they bear. So and that's something that is recognized in the UN convention on the rights of the child, that your country ratified in 1990. So, it's widely accepted . Next, let's talk about the studies, because this is critical, that interestingly whenever you are studying family structure, when you are not talking about same sex parenting, social scientists tend to agree on three things: 1. that non-biological parents tend to be more transitory and invest less time and energy and resources into kids and be more dangerous to kids; 2. they find that any time trauma, a child loses a parent that trauma is involved  and that that can affect a child in the long term, and then they also agree that men and women parent differently and they offer this distinct and complementary gifts to their kids. So whenever you're not talking about same sex parenting, you are not studying same sex households. Social scientists agree on all these three things, but suddenly, when you study same sex households, even though all three of those are going to be a factor every single time, suddenly children fair just as well. Now my question is do you think that that could possibly be, because those studies that showed there is no difference, do not use random samples and most of them derived their participants through recruited and volunteer studies.

Crag Mack: [junkie; hooker; bikie; roll a joint; straight;] So, Katy, as a child I grew up with my single, drug-dealing, junkie, sometimes hooker mother, in an environment that was surrounded by drugs, bikies, domestic violence, child abuse, drug overdoses, death and police raids. I could roll the perfect joint at 6 and so much more. At 15, I moved in with my gay uncle and his partner of 25 years. Only then did I experienced a normal, stable, safe, structured environment that everybody else takes for granted. I've never understood the argument against marriage quality because of the potential damage to children. I'd be dead, in jail or following in my mother's footsteps if it weren't for the two stable gay men who took me in. So, my question to you is, as a child of two loving parents, can you explain that the damage that that's done and how are the risks any lesser with the straight couple. 


continuing for only a short time.

a drug addict: a person who is unable to stop taking dangerous drugs.

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