Tuesday, January 5, 2016

pathetic & stellar



Brendan: [quangocracy; scrape; pathetic] And I don't want enquiries into child sexual abuse; I don't want enquiries into domestic violence. Issues of public life should be dealt with by officials who've been elected into the public life. We need to scrape away this quangocracy which is suffocating honest genuine debate and giving rise precisely to this kind of pathetic scandal mongering. 

Sam Dastyari: [stellar] There was so much there to respond to in one kind of breathe kind of thing(?). Look, I think there is a role for royal commissions and I think the child sex abuse royal commission has done a stellar job in uncovering some of the horrible practices that have gone on in the child ..


making you feel pity or sadness.

1. excellent;
2. connected with the stars.

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