Thursday, January 28, 2016

overseas & heck



Katy Faust: [overseas; Heck; huh] Good, thank you Craig. So, yeah. So, about 10 years ago, maybe more, I was invited by two women to travel with them to adopt a child that had special needs in an overseas institutions and I said: Heck, yes, I'm going with you. I know, so hateful huh. But I said absolutely, right that you're going to try and repair a damaged situation for a child. You are not inflicting motherlessness or fatherlessness on this child, really you are trying to repair something that has been lost. Just like so many grandparents do and so many aunts and uncles do when the relationship between mother and father breakdown and that child is in need of some kind of rescue. And in that situation I was said that the adoption agencies need to have all options on the table, because you're trying to repair a broken situation, but what we don't want is a system or a family structure that permits intentional fatherless and motherlessness, and because government's interest in marriage is children, that's not how you feel about somebody, government's interest in marriage is children, and so redefining marriage, redefines parenthood into an institution where mothers and fathers are not necessary and they are optional, and that's really not the case in the life of a child. When a child loses a parent, the ones I've talked to,they tend to mourn the loss of that parent. So, well, I absolutely would say we've got to get in and do a life with couples that are doing their best to help a child in a broken situation. That's very different than institutionalizing a family structure where children will always lose one or the other.


1. connected with foreign countries, especially those separated from your country by the sea or ocean;
2.  both oversea and overseas literally mean across a sea, but overseas is much more common for the abstract meaning of abroad. So if you're talking about literal travel across a sea, use oversea;

used to show that you are slightly annoyed or surprised.

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