Tuesday, January 5, 2016

myopic & quango



Brendan O'Neil: [infernal; sleaze-mongering; elite; myopic; obsession; saint;]  Well. Yeah. But it really speaks to a bigger problem which is this infernal sleaze-mongering amongst political and media elite, where they are constantly looking for scandal even where it doesn't actually exist. I think it's a product of the tyranny of personality politics where politicians are now judged more for how they behave, who they are friends with, who they have lunch with, rather than for what their ideology is or what their contribution to public life is. There there's myopic obsession with people's personal behaviour and I think it's really destructive of politics. My own view of royal commissions is we should get rid of them. Who are these people who are above politics. You know, how dare you be above politics. Nothing in public life is above politics. Who are they? You know, are they saints? Did Jesus send them to talk to us.

Brendan O'Neil: [quangos] No, I don't want a royal commissioner and I don't want these quangos and these investigations into people who get gifts of bottles of wine, or ...


1. showing a lack of foresight or long-term planning;

an organization dealing with public matters, started by the government, but working independently and with its own legal powers.

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