Sunday, January 31, 2016

moor & snip


Complete Works of Virginia Woolf:

October was well advanced, but steadily burning with a warmth that made the early months of the summer appear very young and capricious. Great tracts of the earth lay now beneath the autumn sun, and the whole of England, from the bald moors to the Cornish rocks, was lit up from dawn to sunset, and showed in stretches of yellow, green, and purple.

In thousands of small gardens, millions of dark-red flowers were blooming, until the old ladies who had tended them so carefully came down the paths with their scissors, snipped through their juicy stalks, and laid them upon cold stone ledges in the village church.


a high open area of land that is not used for farming, especially an area covered with rough grass and heather.

to cut sth with scissors using short quick strokes.

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