Friday, January 8, 2016

judicial & quasi


Sam Dastyari: [go after; explore; Americanization; judicial; quasi; reminisce]  I think my concern from this royal commission from the start is it was a political exercise set up by this government to go after its political opponents. If there are legitimate concerns about elements of the trade union movement, they should be explored and they need to be explored through the police. My concern about this royal commission is -  my real issue is I see it a little bit as a kind of this Americanization of our political process, where you have these quasi  kind of judicial processes that get set up to go after the different people's political opponents and that is the dangerous path we are starting to go down. John Howard called it for what it was, you know, I find it hard when people like me sit on shows like this and reminisce about John Howard, actually remember as kind of being the good old days, that becomes quite worrying. But John Howard called it out for what it was and this is an attack on political opponents. We haven't really had that culture in this country. I don't want to see us go down the path. 


connected with a court, a judge or legal judgement.

1. resembling somebody or something in some ways but not exactly the same;
2. just as valid in law as if actual

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