Tuesday, January 12, 2016

hell bent & engineer


Richard Di Natale: [mess around with; hell bent on; engineer; ] Well, we shouldn't have a referendum because that deals with the Constitution, you don't need to mess around with the Constitution on this issue. We've said, look, if the prime minister is absolutely hell bent on a plebiscite and that's the only way we are going to get this reform through, then it has to be at this selection, and it has to be the parliament that sets the question. Because he will engineer this in a way that it does not get up much like the referendum that we had as you remember on the republic, we can not let the prime minister make a captain's call on this. I just think we should have a vote of the parliament. We could get it done so quickly and move on. 


hell bent:
determined to achieve something at all costs.

1. to arrange for sth to happen or take place, especially when this is done secretly in order to give yourself an advantage;
2. to design and build sth;

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