Saturday, January 9, 2016

far be it from me & plebiscite


Katy Faust: [a storm in a tea cup, far be it from me; ] Well, for somebody that's still getting used to the idea that Liberals support traditional marriage, because in my country, that's not really how it goes. This, to me, looks a little bit like you guys have an expression "storm in a tea cup", you know like a lot made out of not much. So, but I - but of course, you know, far be it from me to try to understand the inner workings of government that I've only, you know, viewed from the outside for a week or so. 

Gini Deakin: [referendum; plebiscite;] There was no referendum to ask whether it was legal for my mums to have a baby. There was no plebiscite when the law changed to allow me to have two mothers listed on my birth certificate. So, why should there be a referendum or plebiscite on whether my mums can get married. 


far be it from me:
1. it is not really my place to do something. (always followed by but.)
2. something that you say when you are giving advice or criticizing someone and you want to seem polite. 

a vote by the people of a country or a region on an issue that is very important.

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