Sunday, January 24, 2016

encapsulate & heartfelt


Tony Jones: [encapsulate] I just want to get Kelly O'Dwyer to respond to that, because - and go back to the question that we've just heard, because I think that actually does encapsulate what probably the majority of your coalition party room pretty much thoughtdoesn't it? 

Kelly O'Dwyer: [heartfelt, bedrock; solemnize;] But, look, I actually accept the view that you've just put that we need to be tolerant of everyone's views and I think  the idea that people are demonised for their very heartfelt, very sincere views is actually quite wrong. I have a very heartfelt and sincere view which is in support of same sex marriage, because like the questioner, Jeremy, I actually do believe that families are the bedrock of our society. I do believe it's important to do what we can to strength those families, and I think that marriage is one of those sacred institutions that solemnizes commitment between two people and I think that can only strength the family unit, and so as a liberal I believe that anything that can strength the family unit is in fact very good thing. So I support it. But I do also think that where we to make changes to the marriage act and put in there the fact we do believe the people of same sex should be able to marry. We also need to have in there some protections for religious institutions, for those institutions that do, according to their own doctrinal beliefs, have a very sincere view that they don't wish to marry certain people, just as there are people today in religious institutions that won't, for instance, marry somebody who is not a confirmed Anglican or Catholic in their church.


to express the most important parts of sth in a few words, a small space or a single object;

showing strong feelings that are sincere;

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