Friday, January 1, 2016

booze & lame



Brendan O'Neill: [sink to one's teeth into; I was like; in a nutshell; booze;] I have to say,  Australia, this is a really rubbish scandal. I mean, when I got here, everyone was saying that there's this huge scandal involving a royal commissioner, the Prime Minister, Trade Unions and I was like, "Yes, something to sink my teeth into", and then I read it and I was like: "Are you serious!". So, in a nutshell, this guy accepted an invitation to speak at dinner and he said :"I won't speak if it's a fundraiser."  Some one said to him:" it is a fundraiser." And he said :"Okay, I won't speak at it." That's it. I mean, there are no prostitutes; there's - there are no drugs; there's not even any booze and booze is like the bottom line requirement for any kind of political scandal.

Brendan O'Neil: [lame; Fairfax Media; front page; paroxysm; nonsense;]  And so, I think it's a really lame scandal. The fact that it's on the front pages; the fact that the Fairfax Media are having kind of paroxysms of joy over this nonsense really speaks ...


1. alcoholic drink;
2. to drink alcohol, especially in large;

1. weak and difficult to believe;
2. unable to walk well because of an injury to the leg or foot;

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