Saturday, December 26, 2015

untenable & thuggery



Dastyari: [untenable] Well, no. I think he says that, when he initially took it, he thought after that point in time, when he would be attending the event he wouldn't still be conducting the Royal Commission. But, look, you know, you can call it what you want, you can call it bias, you can call it perceived bias, you can call it any number of different things, the fact is his position is untenable. He Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon should be resigning. 

Kelly O'Dwyer: [outrageous; thuggery; intimidation; bribery; superannuation] Well, look, I think that this has been a really pretty outrageous slur on somebody who is an eminent jurist. It was very clear in the statement he made today that he overlooked the fact that it was a Liberal Party event. He immediately said that he would not attend that event, not speak at that lecture. Let's not forget that the lecture he was asked to speak at was the Sir Garfield Barwick lecture, and that lecture was a lecture of another jurist. So I think it's quite understandable,that he thought that he was delivering a law lecture, from one eminent jurist to another. But let's not distract from the fact that this is a Royal Commission that has not been set up, as Sam has suggested, to be some sort of political witch-huntIt's a Royal Commission that is looking at very very serious matters. It's looking at thuggery and intimidation and corruption within the construction sector. We've already seen people who have given evidence at the Royal Commission arrested after having given evidence outside the front doors of the commissioner arrested for the things as bribery, we have heard evidence given about the fact that one particular union official was paid $93,000 by superannuation fund, we've heard much much evidence along these lines and it's very very serious ... 


lacking the qualities such as sound reasoning or high ground that make defence possible.

violent, usually criminal, behaviour.

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