Thursday, December 31, 2015

unimpeachable & sink to one's teeth into



Kelly O'Dwyer: [unimpeachable] They should be held to an incredibly high standard and I think that there is nothing that has been presented here that suggests that somebody of the unimpeachable reputation of Dyson Haydon who has served in the high court who has had an impeachable career. There is nothing to suggest to me that he should not be allowed to continue on conducting the very important role that he's conducting right now.

Brendan O'Neill: [sink to one's teeth into; I was like; in a nutshell; booze;] I have to say,  Australia, this is a really rubbish scandal. I mean, when I got here, everyone was saying that there's this huge scandal involving a royal commissioner, the Prime Minister, Trade Unions and I was like, "Yes, something to sink my teeth into", and then I read it and I was like: "Are you serious!". So, in a nutshell, this guy accepted an invitation to speak at dinner and he said :"I won't speak if it's a fundraiser."  Some one said to him:" it is a fundraiser." And he said :"Okay, I won't speak at it." That's it. I mean, there are no prostitutes; there's - there are no drugs; there's not even any booze and booze is like the bottom line requirement for any kind of political scandal.


that you can not doubt or question;

sink (get) to one's teeth into:
to start to do something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

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