Wednesday, December 30, 2015

mockery & play it for all it's worth



Richard Di Natale: [allegation; float around; mockery; get in the way; play it for all it's worth;]  It is typical. But what we know is that there are all these sorts of allegations floating around. We've got a royal commissioner who's got - who has links to the Liberal Party. He's now been found out accepting fundraisers to Liberal Party events. I mean, it makes mockery of the independence of the process, and that's the problem with this stuff. The politics always gets in the way of getting a decent outcome, and so you end up with, if there is an issue within the union at the moment, I think obviously that current government play that for all it's worth. Well find those people who are guilty of it, charge them and have them tried before the law. 


comments or actions that are intended to make sb/sth seem ridiculous;

play it for all it's worth
to exploit a problem, disability, or injury to get as much sympathy or compensation as possible.

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