Monday, December 28, 2015

headline act & bashing



Ad: [hand-picked; head up; headline act] Tony Abbott will do anything to attack his critics. So, he set up what he told us was an independent Royal Commission into Unions. Yet the man he hand-picked to head it up also agree to be the headline act at Liberal Party fundraiser. Independent, Mr. Abbott, honestly?

Richard Di Natale: [bash; fundraiser; ploy; union movement] Look, the Royal commission was set up as a union bashing exercise. It was pretty transparent at the time. You've got the fellow who is heading the Royal Commission now attending Liberal Party fundraisers. If it's not a bias, it's just really poor judgement and that should disqualify him in and of itself. It was deliberate ploy by the government. This government does this sort of stuff. It plays politics all the time with these sorts of issues. If there is criminality within the union movement, well, charge them. You know, that's why we have laws. So, if somebody is guilty of a criminal offence, they should be charged and they should prosecuted.


headline act:
usually refers to a concert or show that has many different acts, the headline act is the one that will be the most popular, and generate the most ticket sales for the concert.

very strong criticism of a person or group. 

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