Thursday, December 10, 2015

disquisition & denunciation


Complete Works of Virginia Woolf:

She got the name; but she got also a disquisition upon the proper method of making roads.

Beginning with the Greeks, who had, he said, many difficulties to contend with, he continued with the Romans, passed to England and the right method, which speedily became the wrong method, and wound up with such a fury of denunciation directed against he road-makers of the present day in general, and the road-makers of Richmond park in particular, where Mr. Pepper had the habit of cycling every morning before breakfast, that the spoons fairly jingled against the coffee cups, and the insides of at least four rolls mounted in a heap beside Mr. Pepper's plate. 


a long complicated speech or written report on a particular subject.

an act of criticizing sb/sth strongly in public

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