Saturday, December 19, 2015

clench & cringe


Complete Works of Virginia Woolf:

Suddenly Mrs. Chailey, turning from the subject of sheets, dismissing them entirely, clenched her fists on the top of them, and proclaimed, "And you could't ask a living creature to sit where I sit!"

In her anger that a woman of fifty should behave like a child and come cringing to a girl because she wanted to sit where she had not leave to sit, she did not think of the particular case, and, unpacking her music, soon forgot all about the old woman and her sheets. 


when you clench your hands, teeth, etc, or when they clench, you press or squeeze them together tightly, usually showing that you are angry, determined or upset.

1. to feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable about sth;
2. to move back and/or away from sb because you are afraid;

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