Saturday, September 5, 2015

unconscionable & denigrate



Peter Singer: [unconscionable; anywhere] I just want to take up the point that Australia does have, in the OECD countries, some the highest per capita emissions and I want to put it this way, image that your child went to a birthday party, there were 25 children there and the host had cut the birthday cake into 25 equal slices and your child went and grabbed three of those slices, what would you say to them? Because that's what Australia was doing, right. We are emitting three times as much greenhouse gases as the United Kingdom, more than three times as much as China per capita I'm talking about of course, four times as much as Mexico, three times as much as Brazil, so we are, you know this is a, there is  just a limited amount the atmosphere can take of greenhouse gases, and we are really taking three times per capita fair share of what those greenhouse gases are, I think, I have to say this is unconscionable and I think a target of a 5% reduction by 2020 does not go anywhere near remedying the unfairness what we're taking. 

Tony Jones: Okay. I'm sorry to those people with your hands up. We've got a few other issues to get to. The next question is a video. It's come from Li Shee Su in Mill Park Victoria. 

Li Shee Su: [denigrate; mindsets ] Those Australians publicly denigrating president Widodo as being weak, despite broad Indonesian sentiment being overwhelmingly in favour of the death penalty, probably sealed the fate of Andrew Chen and Myuran Sukumaran. Do the actions and post-execution reactions of the Australian government and most of the Australian community show, yet again, how arrogant, hypocritical and ignorant we are of Asian mindsets, cultures and domestic politics.


1. far beyond what is considered reasonable;

to criticize sb unfairly.

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