Tuesday, September 8, 2015

two-faced & diplomatically



Amadan Vastone: [get a grip on; two-faced; diplomatically] Well, he's a bit aggressive about it. But, you know, I do think that we as Australians don't understand Indonesia. We really haven't got a grip on how developed it is.  I know it's got third world problems, and we somehow think that because we don't think people should do something, that we can be the world's police and go and say you should do that. They are sovereign country. They are entitled to make what laws they like.  We supported the UN in opposing the death penalty. I think the death penalty is terrible. I think it's terrible it happens in United States. And I never want it to happen. It's taking someone's life and I just don't think that's the appropriate way to run your criminal justice system. But if it were me and I was going to lose my life because I'd done something wrong, I think I'd rather die instantly by a bullet to the heart than take what 12 to 30 minutes in some states in United States because they got wrong drugs. And I don't see the outcry in Australia media about that. So, I think we are a bit two-faced about it. You know if you go to some of these countries the risk you are going to run, and we know that that's going to happen. If some one gets caught, there is a serious risk of that. I think we should diplomatically proceed always to try and convince not just Indonesia but the other countries that still engage in this that it's fundamentally wrong, but we shouldn't think that is more wrong when it's one of ours, it's just wrong. 


not acting in a way that supports what you say that you believe; saying different things to different people about a particular subject;

1. having or showing skill in dealing with people in difficult situations;
2. connected with managing relations between countries;

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