Thursday, September 10, 2015

stand against & or so



Peter Singer: [stand; or so; atrocity; be opposed to; indignation; drum up] Yeah, I actually tend to agree with Amanda that, you know, the fact that we are having this stand against Indonesia not against the United States is pretty hypocritical. It's never been an issue in the United States and if we really wanted to get angry with Indonesia, as you said, there was a killing of our journalists, but there was also the killing of large numbers of West Papuans who were peacefully demonstrating for their freedom 15 years or so ago I think it was, and you know, that seems to me much more of an atrocity than executing people who were convicted under their laws and I don't think anybody doubts that they were guilty and I say this, I am also opposed to the death penalty, but I think we've been highly selective in our indignation. I think the newspapers have kind of drummed it up, as a kind of a media story because it is a human interest story which has a deadline that we're all working towards, and I think it's really a distortion to give so much emphasis to that as compared with the many other things that we can and should be doing to save lives. 


stand against:
stand against someone/something to oppose someone or something, especially in a brave or determined way;

or so:
used after an amount of time, money, etc. to show that the amount is not exact;

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