Sunday, September 13, 2015

outlet & bear out



Amanda Vastone: [publicity; riot gear; discreet; outlet; boost; be impressed with] Actually, I would like to add something, if I may. You know, people were saying that and I think this is probably true, that the Indonesian Government misused thisThis was an enormous amount of publicity, I mean. Transferring those two young men to whatever the name of the island was did not need police in riot gear. It was all designed to give a lot of publicity domestically to the fact that they are playing a strong hand. So, you can look at that and say, well, I don't think human life should be dealt with like that. If you are going to have a death penalty, at least you can behave in a more discreet fashion. At the same time, though, you come to Australia and name the media outlet that has not used this to try and boost their ratings. I mean it's been terrible the way Indonesian media have responded, and I haven't been impressed with the Australian media dealing with it either. 

Adrienne Truscott: [as far as my understanding; bear out; deterrent] Yeah, shockingly 32 of our 50 States still have the death penalty and as far as my understanding, it's never borne out to prove that it is a deterrent to a violent crime and in fact all of the states that have get rid of the death penalty experience lower rates of violent crime. So how it remains in a civilized society as a way to deal with that or an attempt to solve the problem of violent crime seems ridiculous and, I know, in America if often plays out in the media as a sort of form of retribution and that it is sort of delivering some sort of closure to the families of the victim. I mean, and it is often that the victim's family is often invited to witness it which is an entirely barbaric state of affairs. So, yes, I wish that Australia would take as much interest and opposition to what we are doing in America as they do in Indonesia. 


1. a market providing goods and services;
2. a store that sells the products of a particular manufacturer, often at a discount;

bear out:
to prove something or somebody to be true or justified;

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