Wednesday, September 23, 2015

nasty & hotshot



Amanda Vanstone: [nasty; hotshot;] Well, I'm an animal lover and I think we should have very very strong animal cruelty laws and do nasty nasty things to people who are nasty to animals I lose my more moderate sense when someone is cruel to an animal and think, Well, you know that animal can not speak for itself, it can not answer back, can not defend itself. But at the same time I come back to what Peter suggested earlier in terms of looking at which charity you give money to, if these are hotshot lawyers, I think I could give them some higher priority jobs. Maybe, it's a good thing, look, it's a good thing to look at what we do and I do not condone cruelty to animals. But ... 


very bad and unpleasant; offensive;

a person who is extremely successful in their career or at a particular sport.

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