Sunday, September 20, 2015

a glimmer of & person-hood



Peter Singer: [writ; habeas corpus; a glimmer of]  Yes, indeed. So, there have been attempts to get legal rights for chimpanzees, specifically to get a writ  of habeas corpus issued which says basically bring me the body that you're holding and show me why you're keeping that person in detention. So, after a number of rejections, there is now a judge in the Manhattan who has issued an order to Stony Brook University which is holding chimpanzees that it's using in research to show why it's justified to keep them in detention, and that provides the first glimmer of an opening, I wouldn't put it further than that. That possibly the courts are not going to regard chimpanzees simply as property. But I'm going to say that they may have some legal right to be free or to be sent to a sanctuary or something of that sort. Obviously they can not literally be free. 

Tony Jones: [person-hood] They talk about rights of person-hood. Now, that doesn't mean human rights, does it? It means legal rights. Sometimes corporations are regarded as a person.  


a glimmer of:
a small sign of something.

the quality or condition of being an individual person.

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