Sunday, August 9, 2015

uninhabitable & reafforestation



Peter Youll: [amenable; carbon dioxide; denier; uninhabitable]  I'm a grandfather of three children under four. There is a very good chance that they, unlike most of us here, will be alive at the end of this century. There is also very high probability that the Earth's climate will have become much less amenable to all forms of life by then, unless we start now to make some big changes in the amount of carbon dioxide we output, suggesting say 50% by 1930 and 100% by - sorry, 2030 and 100% by 2050. My question to those on the panel that can actually do something about this, Mark Butler and Greg Hunt, how are you going to convince the climate change deniers in your party that serious changes in the way we make energy have to be made now to avoid the risk of the earth becoming uninhabitable for my grandchildren and yours?

Greg Hunt: [stage; tonne; reafforestation; deforestation; disbelief; I'm focused on; uptake; deliver; ] Sure, look very briefly the answer is, just of 10 days ago we staged an emissions deduction auction. We acquired the largest reduction in emissions in Australian history 47 million tonnes, and this is reducing emissions through the lowest cost projects around the country, more than 30 million tonnes of that was through on farm work, through forestry projects, reafforestation, through avoided deforestation, great environmental outcomes. But also real reductions in emissions in a way that we've never seen before on such scale in Australia. So that presumption to your question is one which doesn't apply. It's not about belief or disbelief. It's only now, that boat has long sailed. We are right in the space of, only now being focused on what will deliver the great results at the fastest possible pace which is what I'm focused on and for me this has been the work of my life and I am absolutely delighted that there has been such a huge uptake, delivering huge deduction in the missions. 


not fit to live in

the process of putting new trees in the ground in an area where trees used to grow;

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