Saturday, August 22, 2015

toss around & underwrite



Mark Butler: [come across;division; tenet; Celsius; scenario; pre-industrial; in line with; tossed around;] I am tempted to go down that path about the auction a couple of weeks ago. But I am not going to. I'm going to try and answer this question. And if I get time I would like to respond the auction. Look, there are no climate change deniers in my party or not that I've come across at least. The challenge for us is how we translate a couple of very fundamental beliefs into practical legislation in the Parliament. And Australia unfortunately has a level of division around the basic tenets of what is needed to deal with climate change that many other countries just don't have. If you look at the UK general election, they very happily aren't having the level of debate we still have here. What we need is a substantial agreement around the need for Australia to do its fair share to ensure the global warming does not exceed two degree Celsius and that is the most fundamental tenet of climate change policy, and yet still we don't have that in Australia. The energy policy white paper that the Government released only a few weeks ago is predicted on a four degree warming scenario. It looks at the economic gains that will be able to be achieved by Australia through a 4 degree scenario. So, we need to get back to at least agreeing about the most basic tenets. Two degrees must be the limit of global warming above pre-industrial levels. So Australia must do its fair share. We per capita are the heaviest polluters in the OECD, so we need to do some heavy lifting there, in line with what is being proposed in American and many European countries as well. And we need to have independent advice, not tossed around just in the Parliament, but independent expert advice from bodies like the Climate Change Authority about what those reduction targets should be over the course of the period that you're talking about. 

Mark Butler: [underwrite; landfill; landfill gas; ] One of the contracts that Greg entered into was the AGL, the biggest polluter in the country to underwrite some payments for landfill gas projects that have already been operating in some cases for more than 10 years. So Greg is going to hand over millions of taxpayers' dollars to the biggest polluters in the country ...


toss around:
to discuss something informally;

to accept financial responsibility for an activity so that you will pay for special costs or for losses it may make;

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