Tuesday, August 25, 2015

regulator & clunker



Greg Hunt: [regulator; insulation; clunker; biodiversity;] Thank you. Look, briefly, two things here. Firstly, you talked about an independent regulator. The clean energy regulator ran what has been seen by everybody as a flawless process where their test was genuine emissions reduction, and they've run a process compared with, you know, dare I mention what we saw with the Home insulation program, or Green Loans or Citizen's assembly or Cash for clunkers, where there was no criticism of the process, where there was an outstanding outcome. And what we're seeing is in small communities, right across Australia, there would be farmers that benefit; there would be local biodiversity benefits, and most significantly and importantly, a massive amount of emissions reduction on a scale never seen before in Australia, at a fraction of the cost of what occurred under the carbon tax, without that being thrown onto the general public, through higher electricity and gas prices, it's tremendous outcome. 


a person or an organization that officially controls an area of business or industry and makes sure that it is operating fairly;

an old car in bad condition.

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