Sunday, August 2, 2015

Oxfam & bump into



Tony Jones: [Oxfam] On the question of giving, you're watching Q&A and that means you're interested in the world, that also means thousands of you're watching with a phone or a computer in your hand, so why not use that device to make a difference to some of the millions of people affected by the earthquake in Nepal. Transferring a small amount of your wealth can make a big difference to some of the poorest people in the world. If you can afford to give, please SMS the word "Nepal" to the number that's now showing on your screen to find out how to make a donation to Oxfam, or look for the qanda_tweet that will link you to the ABC appeals  page and show you how to donate to charities working in Nepal. Well, our next question on similar subject comes from Jay Mahendra Raj.

Jay Mahendra Raj: [adjusted; bump into; bureaucratic; money-grubbing/grabbing;] Thanks Tony. The US-based organization GiveWell evaluates the effectiveness of charities through measures such as quality adjusted life years. So, my question is the next time I bump into someone on the street who's asking for a donationwhat sort of question should I be asking them to make sure that my money is going towards an effective charity and not a bureaucratic money-grubbing machine.


an international charity dedicated to providing poverty and disaster relief;

bump into:
to meet someone unexpectedly;

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