Thursday, August 6, 2015

lobby & autistic



Amanda Vanstone: [peak lobby; autistic;tug; lead] Oh, Tony, I do some work with Vision 20/20 which is a peak lobby group to bring together a whole range groups working on preventable blindness and it's true that for very small amount of money you can prevent blindness in indigenous communities and in third world countries and the Australian government does some of that in some of its aid program and does some of that type of work in indigenous communities. But I don't think you can say: well, you're already blind and there's nothing we can do about you, so we do not really care, you know, I think the guide dogs do a terrific job but it isn't inexpensive. They do tremendous work training dogs to do with autistic children, and just give you an idea how hard can be if you've got an autistic kid, if they get frightened in the traffic. They might just run out into the road. So, they can train a dog that when it feels the tug on the lead attached to the kid, the dog will just sit down, so that means that family can go shopping can go on picnics. So, you know, don't stop giving to guide-dogs.


a group of people who try to influence politicians on a particular issue;

showing evidence of autism, e.g. failure to use language and perceive surroundings in the expected way;

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