Monday, August 24, 2015

landfill & coal-fired



Mark Butler: [underwrite; landfill; landfill gas; ] One of the contracts that Greg entered into was the AGL, the biggest polluter in the country to underwrite some payments for landfill gas projects that have already been operating in some cases for more than 10 years. So Greg is going to hand over millions of taxpayers' dollars to the biggest polluters in the country ...

Mark Butler: [coal-fired; generator] No, there is another important point. At the same time AGL is able to continue increasing its carbon pollution from the coal-fired generators. It operates in the other part of its business. I mean this is hopeless policy, an absolutely irresponsible use of taxpayers' dollars. 


the disposal of waste material by burying it, especially as a method of filling in and reclaiming excavated pits.

using coal as fuel.

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