Monday, August 31, 2015

go nowhere & annualized



Tony Jones: [go nowhere; fair enough] Okay. With respect, that went nowhere  near answering the question, perhaps because you don't have an answer and that's fair enough if you don't have an answer yet.

Mark Buttler: [sector; annualize; offset; ] Okay, well,  the Australian industry group said recently that to achieve the targets, say, that present Obama has put on the table would cost $25 billion for Greg's policy and that assumes that there aren't increases in emissions elsewhere. For example, what we've seen since the carbon price was abolished last year and Tony Abbott attacked renewable energy target is that emissions in the electricity sector have started to increase. The latest data was that, on an annualized basis, they've increased by more than 4 million tonnes per year. So, even taking Greg's 47 million tonnes that he bought with your money a couple of weeks ago over the next 5 to 10 years. If that increase continues almost all of it is offset by the increase in pollution for the electricity sector.


go nowhere:
to fail to achieve something, or to fail to be successful;

calculated for a period of a year but based on the amounts for a shorter period;

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