Saturday, August 8, 2015

amenable & carbon dioxide



Peter Youll: [amenable; carbon dioxide; denier; uninhabitable]  I'm a grandfather of three children under four. There is a very good chance that they, unlike most of us here, will be alive at the end of this century. There is also very high probability that the Earth's climate will have become much less amenable to all forms of life by then, unless we start now to make some big changes in the amount of carbon dioxide we output, suggesting say 50% by 1930 and 100% by - sorry, 2030 and 100% by 2050. My question to those on the panel that can actually do something about this, Mark Butler and Greg Hunt, how are you going to convince the climate change deniers in your party that serious changes in the way we make energy have to be made now to avoid the risk of the earth becoming uninhabitable for my grandchildren and yours?


1. responsive to suggestion and likely to cooperate;
2. capable of being treated or dealt with in a particular way;

carbon dioxide:
a gas breathed out by people and animals from the lungs or produced by burning carbon;

a substance formed by combining two atoms of oxygen and one atom of another chemical element

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