Monday, August 3, 2015

accost & badge



Peter Singer: [evaluator; accost; badge; consensus;] I think they boosted them. I think they are up to half a dozen or so now, but it's a very small slice. Yes. Givewell, and which you can find at, is a very rigorous evaluator and would, I guess, say you shouldn't be giving to people who just accost you on the street, you should be researching the charities, checking them and unless they are on their list of ones that they have said that have demonstrated their effectiveness, not that the others necessarily aren't effective, but  just they haven't been transparent enough or produced the information to show that they are effective. This charity that I'm wearing badge for today thelifeyoucansave.orgthat I've been involved with is a little bit broader, so if we feel that Givewell is so tough that it misses out things that are good but can't be evaluated. So, if you go there that will give you another list of organizations you can support and it's also you can get involved with it and help us to promote these ideas that we've been talking about and I'm pleased to say we've had a lot of consensus on about trying to live a more ethical life.


to go up to sb and speak to them, especially in a way that is rude or threatening.

a small piece of metal or plastic, with a design or words on it, that a person wears to show that they belong to an organization, support sth, have achieved sth, have a particular rank, etc.

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