Saturday, July 18, 2015

tasteless & censorship



Greg Hunt: [tasteless; where possible; maturely;  ] No, actually I wasn't looking to walk into this space, but anyway. No. There is a point of agreement with Mark here, and that is that anything which in any way focuses on the victim is inevitably going to be tasteless and almost certainly destructive. I'm not a great believer in censorship. I think we have the laws which should be allowing free speech where possible. But then there are  social conventions,and it is the distinguish between the two. that's important here. As a general principle, I think we can deal with these topics maturely, and I think that's the real development in society in the last, you know, decade or more we can deal with suicide and sexual assault and mental illness in a way which we did not. So, that's, I think, the primary place to start in most of these things.


1. offensive and not appropriate;
2. showing a lack of the ability to choose things that people recognize as attractive and of good quality

the act or policy of censoring books, etc

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