Wednesday, July 22, 2015

presumably & trachoma



Peter Singer: [head for; presumably; trachoma] Right. Well, Toby Ord actually is an Australian, since we're here in Australia, though he is now working in Oxford. Toby Ord strated an organization called giving what we can in Oxford, because he realised that - he was just heading for an academic career, but he realised that he could live on less than he was going to earn. He was actually graduate student at that time and was living on a quite modest amount, but he felt fine with that, so he tried to work out how much good he could do if he kept living at a modest level and giving away the rest that he was likely to earn as he dvanced in his academic career, presumably to a professor at the end. And he worked out that if he took the all that money over his lifetime and gave it to an organization that was preventing people from going blind from a condition called trachoma which is the most common cause of preventable blindness. He could save the sight of 80,000 people, and he thought that is really amazing. You know, a huge football stadium full of people who would be able to see because of what one person and not Bill Gates, not particularly wealthy person had been able to give. So he started this organization to put that message out there and to get people to think about living more ethically and encourage other people to pledge to do something of that sort.


used to say that you think that sth is probably true;

a contagious bacterial eye disease in which scar tissue forms inside the eyelid, eventually causing it to curve inwards and the eyelashes to scrape the eye and cause infection

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