Thursday, July 23, 2015

decent & macro



Greg Hunt: [decent] Look, it's very powerful and just to go to the original questioner, there are many ways that people give, and I would say this that we actually have, I think, a very good and decent society. We had, this morning, just in my own electorate on the Mornington Peninsula, a senior's forum and we had a lot of people who came in and some of the presenters were from the community, talking about things such as the Rosebud Police Senior Citizen Registerwhere you have volunteers who are working with senior citizen, so some give money, some give time, some give mentoring, and a surprising amount of society are involved in that, we had, as one of our speakers, today, Pat Farmer who ran from the north pole to the south pole, an amazing Australian, and he gave up a year of his life, he raised extraordinary sum for clean water through the Red Cross, and just the sense of respect that that group had for him, but also others in the local community, so the answer is giving is important but there are many ways to give and a surprising number of Australians do that, but we can all always do more.

Tony Jones: [macro] Yeah, that's at the personal level, what about at the macro level with governments, I mean, could effective altruism be a way to distribute Australian aid, for example?


1. of a good enough standard or quality
2. acceptable to people in a particular situation;

large scale; overall;

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