Thursday, July 23, 2015

aid worker & suck



Peter Singer: [aid worker; suck; alongside;] Well, that's right and that surprises people, but I've had a student decide to do that, the Princeton student called Matt Wagger who went into Wall Street not because he wanted to earn a lot of money for himself, but because he realised that the more money you earn the more money you have to give away, and he's been giving away half of his income each year, it's a 6 figure sum that he's giving to effective charities. And he thinks he is doing more good that way than he would if he were to, say, become an aid worker, because there are plenty of people who want to be aid-workers and he would just be taking a job that somebody else probably almost as good as him would have got, but there aren't plenty of people going to Wall Street in order to give away half of their salary and that can lead to organizations employing new positions altogether. So, I think if you've got the right character and the right ability to do that and not be sucked into the temptation of saying: now I'm working alongside people with big apartments and driving Porsches and so on, so I've got to do that, if you can stick with it I think it's a great thing to do


aid worker:
somebody who works for an aid agency either as an employee or volunteer;

1. to pull sb/sth with great force in a particular direction; 

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