Thursday, December 30, 2010

polygamist & plead

----- Experience -----
News title from CNN(Cable News Network):
Polygamist leader pleads not guilty in Texas.

----- Explanation -----
One who practices polygamy, or maintains its lawfulness 
The term polygamy (a Greek word meaning "the practice of multiple marriage") is used in related ways in social anthropology, sociobiology, sociology, as well as in popular speech. Polygamy can be defined as any "form of marriage in which a person [has] more than one spouse at the same time."
the custom of having more than one wife at the same time 

1. to argue in support of somebody/something 
2. to give something as an explanation or excuse for something
3. to state in a court of law that you are guilty or not guilty of a crime

liaison & demerit

----- Experience -----
A letter for reminding me to renew my Provisional driver licence:
Your provisional driver licence is due for renewal.
Please renew your licence on or before its expiry date. Do not dive with an expired licence - on the spot fines of over &400 apply and fines of up to $2200 apply for a first offence if the matter goes to court.
Customer Liaison and Data Management
... - now you can pay your registration, check your demerit points, even update your address - all online! You can even request a copy of your driving record for a small fee.

----- Explanation -----
1. a person whose job is to make sure there is a good relationship between two groups or organizations
2. a relationship between two organizations or different departments in an organization, involving the exchange of information or ideas
3. a secret sexual relationship, especially if one or both partners are married

1. a fault in something or a disadvantage of something
2. a mark on somebody's school record showing that they have done something wrong.

blizzard & insider

----- Experience -----
Words from title of Reuters Top news:
1. Blizzard delays $1 billion in holiday sales;
2. California woman arrested in insider trading case

----- Explanation -----
a snowstorm with very strong winds

a person who knows a lot about a group or an organization, because they are part of it
insider-trading; insider-dealing:
the crime of buying or selling shares in a company with the help of information known only by those connected with the business

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

shaped & splash screen

----- Experience -----
The quota usage of peak time in IINET have been used up for the over download in Easymule. The remaining days of this month, the speed what I can explore internet will be shaped at 256k/s. Now, I have changed to use Emule instead of Easymule. The only reason is Emule has an option of scheduler to set downloading during off peak time.

One of the options when startup is: show splash screen. I cancel it.

----- Explanation -----
1. Make (something) fit the form of something else
2. having the type of shape mentioned

splash screen:
Splash screen is a term used to describe an image that appears while a computer program is loading. It may also be used to describe an introduction page on a website. Splash screens sometimes do not cover the entire screen, but only a rectangle near the center.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

itinerary & leisurely

----- Experience -----
The itinerary of this tour was:
24th Dec 2010:
3:00pm:drove from home(Sydney) to accommodation at Shoal Bay road.
7:00pm:walked leisurely along the Shoal Bay

25th Dec 2010:
10:00: drove up to GanGan lookout
12:00: Fingal Spit and enjoying the sunshine and reading on the scenic Fingal beach
15:00: had a picnic in the Barry Park
16:00: strolled in the Nelson Bay and had a Greek food 

26th Dec 2010:
10:00: drove to Birubi Beach
12:00: played sandboarding in the Stockton sand dune
16:00: drove back to Sydney

one word describe the tour: leisurely
I love 'leisure trip'

----- Explanation -----
a plan of a journey, including the route and the places that you visit 

done without hurrying 

spit & bistro

----- Experience -----
During the tour of Port Stephen, the main places we traveled were Fingal Spit (25th), Stockton sand dunes(the beach name is Birubi Beach , we play sandboarding there-- sandboarding is a recreational activity similar to snowboarding that takes place on sand dunes rather than snow-covered mountains. It was developed in the Brazilian city of Florian√≥polis.)

I found many places written 'BISTRO' on the shop signs where we went to have breakfast or dinner. Lunch usually took during the trip.

----- Explanation -----
1. a long thin piece of land that sticks out into the sea/ocean, a lake, etc.
2. the liquid that is produced in your mouth 
spit it out:
usually used in orders to tell somebody to say something when they seem frightened or unwilling to speak.

a small informal restaurant.

Friday, December 24, 2010

bight & dune

----- Experience -----
Top 10 must do activities:
6. experience Worimi Conservation Lands:
The Worimi Conservation Lands (Stockton Bight Sand Dunes) are trely one of nature's masterpieces, stretching for 32 kilometers. Whatever your level of adventure is, the dunes offer something for everyone. You can explore by foot, in your own 4WD, ride a horse, camel, quad bike or join a 4WD tour and sandboard down thirty meter high dunes. You can also join a tag-along tour to master 4WD techniques.

----- Explanation -----
a long curve in a coast 

a small hill of sand formed by the wind, near the sea or in a desert 

parasail & snorkel

----- Experience -----
the best of Port Stephens - Top 10 mus do activities:
1. get out on the water:
With a bay that is two and a half times the size of Sydney Harbour, there are a number of activities to suit everyone, such as parasailing, diving, surfing of snorkeling. Port Stephens is also rightly regarded as the dolphin capital of Australia. With 140 bottlenose dolphins calling Port Stephens calling Port Stephens home, it's no wonder they're sighted so often. From late May to early November, the waters off Port Stephens are host to the magnificent acrobatic displays of migrating humpback whales, some weighing up to 48 tonnes. Whale-watching cruises departing from Nelson Bay provide a ringside seat, but the shore line around Fingal Bay and Anna Bay,just south of Nelson Bay, are also great viewing spots.

----- Explanation -----
Glide through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motorboat

1. a tube that you can breathe air through when you are swimming under the surface of the water
2. Swim using a snorkel

cash bond & stroll

----- Experience -----
Details of booking 'terms and conditions:
Payment Policy: Credit Card number required to secure your booking. Payment taken on arrival unless booking is between 16th December and the 30th January then 50% deposit is taken from your credit card immediately.

If paying by cash on arrival we take a $100 cash bond. First nights payment required in advance for long weekends, Xmas and New Years Holidays if paying by cash.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations or changes to bookings for this room must be made at least 72 hours prior to the check in date and time or you will be charged the full amount of the first changed or cancelled night.

If cancelling a booking between the 16th of December and the 30th January then cancellations must be made before the 1st of December otherwise the first nights rates would be charged and the rest of your deposit would be refunded to you.

Getting There
Location Instructions: We are located at 52 Shoal Bay Road between Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay on the corner of Shoal Bay Road and Gowrie Ave. Just a short stroll from the Nelson Bay RSL.

----- Explanation -----
cash bond:
A payment of a specific amount of money to guarantee future support payments will be made.

1. something that forms a connection between people or groups, such as a feeling of friendship or shared ideas and experiences
2. a sum of money that is paid as bail;
3. the ropes or chains keeping somebody prisoner; anything that stops you from being free to do what you want 

to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way 

reservation & adjacent

----- Experience -----
We have decided to journey to Port Stephens for three days, here is the informations of booking:
Port Stephens, Peninsula Nelson Bay:
Room 1-3
Room Type: Budget Room
Room Description: Our budget rooms are located at the Peninsula Palms across the road from our main building. They are clean tidy rooms and If you are looking for a holiday on a tight budget then these are the rooms for you. Double bed with on-suite bathroom, TV with foxtel and tea & coffee facilities are all at you disposal.
Occupants: 2 Adults, 0 Children
Room Inclusion: Our characteristic rooms in the PENINSULA PALMS have a double bed, dining table & ensuite, equipped with tea & coffee making facilities, mini-bar & TV. The Peninsula Palms is adjacent to the Peninsula Nelson Bay and has a swimming pool on premises.

Total Payment Amount: $405.00
Total Taxes: $36.82

Prices are in AUD

----- Explanation -----
1. an arrangement for a seat on a plane or train, a room in a hotel, etc. to be kept for you
2. a feeling of doubt about a plan or an idea

of an area, a building, a room, etc. situated next to or near something

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

pimple & goose pimple

----- Experience -----
After I ate a lot of assorted fried fruit, I get two conspicuous pimple. From this word, I know the word goose pimple.

----- Explanation -----
a small raised spot on the skin

goose pimple:(goose bumps, goose flesh)
a condition in which there are raised spots on your skin because you feel cold, frightened or excited 

chip & token

----- Experience -----
Last Friday, I went to casino with my co-workers. I lost $190 that night and when I came back, there was still a five dollars casino chips or token in my pocket. It's all right. It's one of my rules: if I play in the casino, mustn't win money from there. I think, if I win at first several times, maybe I will be addictive in gambling.

----- Explanation -----
1. a small flat piece of plastic used to represent a particular amount of money in some types of gambling
2. a long thin piece of potato fried in oil or fat
3. the place from which a small piece of wood, glass, etc. has broken from an object
4. to damage something by breaking a small piece off it; to become damaged in this way 

1. a round piece of metal or plastic used instead of money to operate some machines or as a form of payment 
2. a piece of paper that you pay for and that somebody can exchange for something in a shop/store

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

aroma & devotion

----- Experience -----
I learned two words during lunch, one is aroma -- written on the bag of tea, the other one is devotion -- a brand name of tissue;

----- Explanation -----
a pleasant, noticeable smell

1. the action of spending a lot of time or energy on something
2. great love, care and support for somebody/something

Monday, December 20, 2010

happenstance & empower

----- Experience -----
I asked AJ what happenstance (from the book Authentic Happiness) means, and he didn't know as well. After I checked from the mobile phone dictionary, it means coincidence.

There are some words on my cup:
own the future
discover, engage, empower, sustain

----- Explanation -----
chance, especially when it results in something good; coincidence;

to give somebody the power or authority to do something

Sunday, December 19, 2010

accommodation & psychiatric

----- Experience -----
Mid Hospital - What you're covered for:
Ambulance service
private hospital accommodation
public hospital accommodation - private room (as a private patient)
Hospital excess: $250
No excess for your child if they're ever admitted to hospital 
psychiatric treatment

----- Explanation -----
1. a place to live, work or stay in
2. omewhere to live or stay, often also providing food or other services

relating to psychiatry or to mental illness

certainty & clarity

----- Experience -----
We received a letter from 'Medibank Private' for changing the name of hospital cover:
We often hear from our memebers that they want more certainty and clarity about their health insurance. So to help provide a clearer picture we're re-naming our hospital cover 'Basic Hospital', 'Mid Hospital' and 'Top Hospital', effective 1 January 2011.

As a result, the name of your current cover will change from Intermediate Hospital Level 2 to Mid Hospital $250 excess. This tells you that your cover is one of the mid levels we offer.

----- Explanation -----
1. a thing that is certain 
2. the state of being certain

the quality of being expressed clearly 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

pail & drum

----- Experience -----
This container company is one of those who provide the bottles to the factory, I often see a lorry to deliver bottles to warehouse. Today, I found two words on the car's advertisement which I don't know the exactly meaning: pail and drum.

----- Explanation -----
a round open container with a handle, used for carrying or holding liquids, sand, etc.

drum: A drum is a cylindrical container used for shipping bulk cargo. Drums can be made of steel, dense paperboard (commonly called a fiber drum), or plastics, and are generally used for the transportation of certain dangerous materials or modest quantities of bulk goods.

Monday, December 13, 2010

kelp & yeast

----- Experience -----
There are two names of medicine I've never seen before: kelp and yeast. 

----- Explanation -----
a type of brown seaweed, sometimes used as a fertilizer to help plants grow

a fungus used in making beer and wine, or to make bread rise

Sunday, December 12, 2010

pavlova & mousse

----- Experience -----
We bought a value pack of mini pavlova with moist mousse yesterday. It's the traditional food in Australia during Christmas.

----- Explanation -----
A dessert consisting of a meringue base or shell filled with whipped cream and fruit

1. a cold dessert(= a sweet dish) made with cream and egg whites and flavoured with fruit, chocolate, etc.; a similar dish flavoured with fish, vegetables, etc.
2. a substance that is sold in aerosols, for example the light white substance that is used on hair to give it a particular style or to improve its condition; hairspray;

Saturday, December 11, 2010

in the presence of & in somebody's presence

----- Experience -----
From Authentic Happiness:
'In the presence of Sir John, I want to state that I am an atheist. I don't think evolution has a purpose, and certainly not a divine purpose.'

I have read in the presence of or in somebody's presence many times in this book and still have to check dictionary to know its means. That's why I learn these two phrases specially here today.

----- Explanation -----
in the presence of somebody/in somebody's presence:
with somebody in the same place

in the presence of something:
when something exists in a particular place

Friday, December 10, 2010

entrepreneur & dilemma

----- Experience -----
I have noticed many times an advertisement at the last red light to factory. It's sticked on a pole in the center of the road. When I stopped just before the stop line, I can see this advisement clearly: 

Then I explore the website on the Internet. She taught people to earn money easily at home. She is from New Zealand to here to escape a bad marriage. She got job easily. However the dilemma of trying to juggle shift-work with its uncertain and often long hours meant providing the happy, organised, loving home she wanted for her family was very stressful. (from her website:

Her advertisement: a fresh new concept for today's forward-thinking entrepreneur, you can make money in a home-based business. lots of money.

I don't believe that she will help me to make lots of money. The simple reason is no pay no gain. However, I can learn two words from her website: entrepreneur and dilemma. 

----- Explanation -----
a person who makes money by starting or running businesses, especially when this involves taking financial risks

a situation which makes problems, often one in which you have to make a very difficult choice between things of equal importance 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

spanner & wrench

----- Experience -----
Line 3 and line 4 often look for spanner here and three for we just have only one spanner (or wrench) in the workplace. I said to AJ: why not took back the 'spansor' (should be spanner.)

----- Explanation -----
a metal tool with a specially shaped end for holding and turning nuts and bolts(= small metal rings and pins that hold things together) 

a metal tool with a specially shaped end for holding and turning things, including one which can be adjusted to fit objects of different sizes, also called a monkey wrench or an adjustable spanner

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ivory & sport

----- Experience -----
I met 'ivory' twice today:
1. from The Authentic Happiness: It sports a mile-long beach of ivory-colored velvet sand, croquet courts, liveried servants speaking in hushed Caribbean-British accents, and stunning palatial homes owned by movie stars, European royalty, and billionaires from all over the world, with everyone enjoying the lenient Bahamian tax structure.
Russia 'blocking UN Ivory Coast statement. UN diplomats say Russia is blocking a Security Council statement endorsing Ivory Coast opposition candidate Alassane Ouattara as president.

----- Explanation -----
1. a hard yellowish-white substance like bone that forms the tusks(= long teeth) of elephants and some other animals.
2. a yellowish-white color.

1. to have or wear something in a proud way so that everyone can see 
2. to play in a happy and lively way
3. ...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

yacht & compulsory

----- Experience -----
I asked: what is the 'yacht' when I read a sentence from The Authentic Happiness: The only Yacht Club I'd been in before was at Disneyland;
'Sailboat' answered AJ.
'How did you learn this word?' I asked.
'English is compulsory course in my country.' He answered. 'We have to learn English.'
'What is the com-bao-sory' I asked.
'That means you must to do it.'
'Sorry, I don't know that word, can you spell it?'
Then he spelled it slowly and I checked in my mobile phone dictionary, then I finished today's Two Words Homework.

----- Explanation -----
a large sailing boat, often also with an engine and a place to sleep on board, used for pleasure trips and racing 

that must be done because of a law or a rule.

that makes you pay attention to it because it is so interesting and exciting 

of people or their behaviour acting suddenly without thinking carefully about what might happen because of what you are doing.

a sudden strong wish or need to do something, without stopping to think about the results 

Monday, December 6, 2010

hobo & bathtub

----- Experience -----
The name of the show is : Turkey Porn
There is a strange question in the program: 
How did the hobo get into your bathtub?
What a strange question? Why did a hobo get into my bathtub?

----- Explanation -----
hobo: (tramp)a person who travels from place to place looking for work, especially on farms.

bathtub: A tub, usually installed in a bathroom, in which to bathe

1. a large round container without a lid, used for washing clothes in, growing plants in, etc
2. a small wide, usually round, plastic or paper container with a lid, used for food, etc.