Monday, January 22, 2018

splurge & flat out


--A new Q7 on UBERX? Or had you splurged a little?

--  Last night was dead for hours because I was being stupid and staying in my previous go to spot which previously was completely flat out back to back trips for most of the time doing Taxify until this week.

As soon as I left that area...I was flat out completely.


an act of spending a lot of money on sth that you do not really need.

flat out:
1 as fast or as hard as possible;
2. without hesitation or reservation;

euphoria & loopy


-- Hope you got to meet Jim Jones and enjoyed some religious euphoria!

-- You have totally gone loopy. First you try and distribute fabrications on topics you should know something about. Then you start spiralling downwards showing us how little you really know about new motoring technology. 


an extremely strong feeling or happiness and excitement that usually lasts only a short time.

1. an offensive term meaning considered to be irrational
2. crazy or silly;