Friday, April 28, 2017

mind-boggling & honker


-- And it works. I just laugh at all of them for their ignorance and mid- boggling rudeness.

-- Oh yes! For me that does get my rocks off. Someone is rude, so they get the opposite of what they want. It happens in hospitality and small business all the time. "Oh, you are angry at me because the venue is busy and you had to wait? Well get ready to be served last every time you get to the bar!" Love going slow at honkers too, so over honkers...


very difficult to imagine or to understand; extremely surprising.

a person who honks.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

mayhem & take up


Upset taxi driver causes mayhem:

I had a pick up from the Swiss hotel. As usual the few parking spaces were taking up by two cabs, along with one normal car. Why they do not get booked will remain a mystery. I was in luck though as the front cab got a passenger and I was able to take his spot.


confusion and fear, usually caused by violent behaviour or by some sudden shocking even.

take up:
1. to make use of or occupy something, especially in a wasteful or unwelcome way;