Thursday, September 21, 2017

measly & paltry


-- Joker, her salary is taxed. Your measly $500 per week includes the GST your pax have paid, and you collect, on behalf of the ATO. Not the same thing.

A simple calculator will advise you that your GST on your measly $500.00 is a paltry $45.


very small in size or quantity; not enough;

1. too small to be considered as important or useful;
2. have no value or useful qualities;

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

torn & scrape (the bottom of) the barrel


-- Im torn between getting a Toyota Prius V 7 seater and doing Uber X and XL. Prius V is pretty economical with usage about 6.5l/100km in reality...Im worried about fitting people in the back 2 seats!

-- Do select. Too many XLs now. I used to be exclusive XL. Now have to scrape the barrel Xing to make up the difference. 10 XL ants at circular quay at 4am this morning.


1. reluctant or unable to make a choice;
2. feeling upset because you can not choose between two things;

scrape (the bottom of) the barrel:
to have to use whatever things or people you can get, because there is not much choice available;